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Plumat Pluemat pharmaceutical Bottle Vial Bag Liquid Filling Line

Fellow eBayers,

Offered for purchase is complete bench mounted liquid filling line suitable for filling, sealing and capping ampoules, vials, bottles, infusion, or injection bottles or bags in a controlled atmosphere.  Manufactured by Pluemat (or Plumat) of Germany, producers of piston and turbine filling and sealing machines and support equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and nutritional industries since 1975.  The line offered consists of 6 major pieces of equipment.

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1.    Bench Mounted Semi-Automatic Single Head Liquid Filler 1831
2.    Pneumatic Manual Stopper Insertion Machine 1832
3.    Vacuum Stopper Capping Machine 1833
4.    Sterilizeable Vacuum Pump 1833
5.    Sealing Machine (
Closing or Capper) 1834
6.    Liquid Nitrogen Pressure Vessel

Bought in 2005 to package an intravenous product in development, the equipment was set up, tested and demonstrated with distilled water only.  The product did not pan out and entire project was tabled.  
The equipment is definitely unused and essentially NEW.  The entire line is being offered as a package along with a quantity of packaging materials and Operating Manuals.  Details below.

1) Pluemat Model 1831 Bench Mounted Semi-Automatic Single Head Liquid Filler (Filling System). Suitable for filling ampoules, vials, small bottles, infusion and injection bottles and bags in a controlled atmosphere for products whose properties are adversely affected by oxygen to achieve residual oxygen levels of <1 vol.%.  Plumatex-T3/1 Date Of Mfg. 2005. Capacity 0-0.5 BAR. Power 230V 50/60Hz 0.1A 10A. Features Digital Display Control Panel.  This piece cost $19,550.00


Additional equipment:
2) Pluemat Model 1832 Pneumatically Controlled Single Head Stopper Machine. VS-104  Date Of Mfg. 2005. Capacity 10 BAR.

3) Pluemat Model 1833 Bench Mounted Semi-Automatic Single Head Vacuum Stopper Capping Machine. Handles Rubber Stoppers. VS-103 Date Of Mfg. 2005. Capacity 0-0.5BAR. Maximum Temperature 150C. Power 230V 50/60Hz 0.1A 10A. Features Digital Display Control Panel.

4) Pluemat Model 1833  Sterilizable Vacuum Pump. VS-103 Type LEMA-25 Date Of Mfg. 2005 P/N 21-3-625M S/N 9490302. Power 3 phase 230V 60Hz 10A

5) Pluemat Model 1834 Bench Mounted Semi-Automatic Single Head Sealing Machine (AKA Closing Machine or Capper) able to handle aluminum flanging caps. S/N 9400100 Date Of Mfg. 2005. Power 230V 50/60Hz 0.3A 10A with the following additional equipment.
Bottle retaining plate VS-101  S/N 9490101
Cap Centering Piece For Infusion Caps. VS-101 S/N 9490102
Cap Centering Piece For Injection caps. VS-101 S/N 9490103

6) Millipore 20 litter Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing Pressure Vessel - Part Number 206700P10  S/N 122788-014 Capacity Maximum Allowable Water Pressure 100PSI @ 250F. Minimum Design Metal Temperature -10F @ 100PSI. Dispensing Pressure Vessel designed for dispensing fluids under pressure for filtration through any pressure-type filter holder. ASME-UM code-complying vessel compatible with ASME code-complying vent/relief valves, 20 L 1/4in. NPTF elbow fittings for inlet and outlet (labeled); 1/4in. NPTF for pressure gauge and vent/relief valve attachment. Materials of Construction  316 stainless steel body; stainless steel fittings, Viton gaskets and O-rings; molded neoprene rubber base. This piece cost $999.00

The filling line equipment and supplies offered in this auction cost well in excess of $70,000.00 new.  You can pick up this essentially new  equipment for a fraction of that. 

Shipping will be best way 2 pallets about 900lb.  I'm sure a serious buyer will have numerous questions so I encourage you to email me at corningny@stny.rr.com with any questions before you bid.  Thanks for looking and good luck.